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Become Familiar With All Facets of the Flood Remediation Process in Your Pembroke Pines Home

11/25/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Become Familiar With All Facets of the Flood Remediation Process in Your Pembroke Pines Home Flooding can quickly affect your property. Contact SERVPRO to help prevent any secondary damages and odors.

Proper Deodorization Techniques Eliminate the Odors of Flood Damage in Pembroke Pines

After many disasters, homes in Pembroke Pines can hold onto the odors left behind. Floodwater carries an abundance of materials that create strong odors. The materials in the home absorb both the water and the particles suspended in that water. As we dry your house out, the moisture trapped in its materials carries odor-causing particles into the air.
The odor detected by those entering a home after it sustains flood damage in Pembroke Pines continues to make its appearance. To get rid of this odor, SERVPRO sends Odor Control Technicians (OCT) to perform deodorization.
Eliminating waterlogged materials significantly reduces the amount of odor in a home. However, after we remove a home's soggy drywall, carpet, and padding, odors remain in the air. Particles in tiny cracks throughout the materials that the floodwaters came into contact with end up lifted away and carried along by your home's already-present air currents. You and your family notice these particles as odors.
These additional particles remain hidden, so we need to use a method that infiltrates the places where these substances are located. After flood damage, elevated moisture can stay persistent, making ozone a less than perfect choice. Our specialists choose hydroxyl gas generators. These do take a bit longer to obtain the same results as ozone gas takes, but we prefer this for other benefits.
Ozone can cause damp fabrics and other materials to discolor. Occupying a residence while ozone generators are running poses risks to the well-being of people, pets, and plants. Hydroxyl gas does not create an unhealthy but temporary environment, allowing us to continue working on the mitigation and restoration of your property while the machine runs.
Hydroxyl gas also eliminates the bulk of that new carpet smell that many people dislike. Once our odor control specialist finishes a hydroxyl treatment, we can discuss additional options. Many of our customers choose to have long-lasting scents in the form of injections made into their newly-installed carpeting. This is the perfect time to perform this type of odor control technique. Additionally, we can place gel packs in inaccessible locations so pets and children cannot reach them but they can continually send a pleasant odor through your home.
SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines can help your family after flood damage strikes your home by mitigating the damage and attending to the aesthetics of making your home “Like it never even happened.” We are here, 24/7, and ready to answer your questions. Call us at (954) 998-0600, any day of the year, so we can provide you with the experience and skills your home and family needs.

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