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La Importancia de Eliminar Agua de Propiedades Comerciales en Hollywood

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

Florida restaurant with an old car sitting out front. Los eventos de daños por agua pueden destruir su negocio. Llame a SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines para que su negocio vuelva a funcionar sin problemas.

Safety Is Our First Priority

Hollywood cuenta con muchos restaurantes hermosos, diseñados para entretener a los locales y turistas que disfrutan de la playa a diario.  Si usted es el dueño de uno de estos lugares, puede ser que esté preocupado por las noticias anunciando el alza en el nivel del mar, junto con la inminente posibilidad de lluvias y tormentas que caracterizan a la Florida.  Además de los elementos, usted también es vulnerable al efecto de una tubería rota, o un electrodoméstico averiado. La moraleja de esta historia es que a usted le beneficiaría conocer a un servicio professional que pueda ayudarlo en caso de algún derrame de agua en su restaurante.

Para la remoción de agua en locales comerciales de Hollywood, SERVPRO es su mejor ayuda.  Nuestra disponibilidad las 24 horas del día es clave en minimizar sus pérdidas. Mientras más tiempo tenga el agua para saturar sus paredes, muebles y vitrinas, más complejo es el proceso de remoción de agua.  Nuestros técnicos restauradores entrenan para llevar a cabo un trabajo eficiente y devolver todo a su lugar lo más pronto posible. Como usted, queremos mitigar las pérdidas de tiempo y dinero asociadas a este desastre.

Aunque usted ansíe comenzar inmediatamente a sacar agua del local, lo mejor es permitir que nuestra cuadrilla de SERVPRO evalúe el daño primero. Con el agua, hay muchas consideraciones de seguridad que deben ser analizadas antes de comenzar el trabajo. Además de portar vestimenta de protección (guantes, traje, lentes), nuestro equipo examina su lugar para identificar puntos débiles.  Los peligros latentes pueden incluir agua acumulada en conexiones eléctricas, moho resultado del exceso de humedad, al igual que la contaminación contenida en el agua. Si existe la posibilidad de agua contaminada, nuestros técnicos toman las medidas correspondientes.

La remoción de agua no es tan simple como suena, independientemente de la cantidad de agua que irrumpe en su propiedad. La mejor decisión es depositar su confianza en SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines y permitirnos eliminar amenazas a su negocio y su salud.  Lo único que usted tiene que hacer es llamarnos al (954) 998-0600 y permitirnos dejarlo todo como que nada hubiera pasado.

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Why Safety is Important When Removing Water From Commercial Properties in Hollywood

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damaged Hallway Commercial water loss events can shudder your business. Call SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines to get your business running smoothly again.

Safety Is Our First Priority 

Hollywood offers many quaint restaurants and eateries, catering to the many locals and tourists that come to enjoy the beach every day. If you own one of these establishments, you may worry about the ongoing discussion regarding rising sea levels, along with the possibility of rain and storms natural to the area. Aside from the elements, you are also vulnerable to a broken pipe or an overflowing appliance. The result is that at the end of the day, you would do well in identifying a professional service to call upon should a water event happen at your restaurant. 

For commercial water removal in Hollywood, SERVPRO is here to help. Our round-the-clock availability goes hand-in-hand with mitigating your losses. The longer water seeps into your walls, furniture, and displays, the more complex the water removal process becomes. Our water restoration technicians (WRT) train to perform an efficient operation to restore your eatery as soon as possible. Like you, we aim to mitigate the time and money lost to this disaster. 

As much as you would like to start immediately in removing water from your place, it is best to wait for our SERVPRO crew to assess the damage. In water removal situations, there are many safety concerns, and evaluating the integrity of your diner is essential. Aside from wearing personal protective equipment (gloves, overalls, goggles), our team carefully looks over your site to spot potential hazards. Dangers could include water collected in electrical elements such as lamps and cords, mold growth resulting from overexposure to humidity, and the nature of the water seeping through your restaurant.  If there is a potential for contaminated water, our technicians act accordingly to remediate it.

Water removal is not as easy as it sounds, regardless of the amount of water that comes into your place. Your best decision is to trust SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines and let us keep you safe as our team eliminates any real and potential threats to your restaurant and health. All you need to do is call us at (954) 998-0600 and let us leave your eatery “Like it never even happened.” 

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Fast, Professional Cleanup for Water Damage to a Hollywood Assisted Living Facility

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

Technician using a Shop vac in an empty room. SERVPRO knows the severity of water damage in your Hollywood establishment.

No need for your facility to be down, let us take on your Hollywood water damage.

Responsibility lies heavily on your shoulders when you manage a Hollywood assisted living facility. After a water crisis, you must move quickly, both to keep residents safe and to ensure any harm the water does is mitigated and remediated completely and in accord with any rules or regulations. Emergency water loss recovery is a job for our professionals. We respond 24/7, every day of the year. 

Water Damage Exposes Your Residents to Risks

When water damage affects Hollywood residents in need of supportive residential services, a speedy response is essential. A broken pipe or malfunctioning appliance can spread water down halls and into resident’s apartments. Immediate risks include the possibility of slips and falls, electrical shock, or power outages. If the water is allowed to remain soaked into structural components and contents for more than a short time floor building materials crumble, weaken, and break down. Mold and mildew can take hold after 24 to 48 hours. Residents’ personal possessions can be damaged or ruined. 

We Train to Learn Effective Water Mitigation and Remediation Techniques 

The day to day cleaning and maintenance skills your housekeeping staff has is no match for the specialized requirements of water mitigation and remediation. SERVPRO crews not only master specific training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), teaching us how to remove water fast and dry out spaces thoroughly, we also have the commercial-grade equipment, tools, and products to make it happen.

We Work Hard to Minimize Disruptions

Your residents deserve clean and dry living spaces, and we pledge to deliver the same with minimal interruptions to their routines and surroundings. SERVPRO technicians brainstorm ways to complete the necessary water removal and drying tasks while permitting individuals living in your building to stay on-site while the work is done. We partition off the work areas, completing tasks swiftly but professionally so that your residents soon enjoy restored living quarters “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines is ready to respond round the clock to the needs of your vulnerable assisted care residents after a water loss. Call (954) 998-0600 immediately for a fully-equipped and trained team to assess your restorations needs and implement the project plan.

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Pembroke Pines Office Called SERVPRO for Professional Mold Cleanup

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says We Can Remediate Mold Damage and Restoration for Our Pembroke Pines Neighbors

Commercial Mold Damage Remediation in Pembroke Pines Office Complex

When there is commercial mold damage, it is often a symptom of a more significant issue such as a leak or poor ventilation. Remediation of the mold issue usually involves handling either plumbing, ventilation, or other moisture retention issue within a property.

SERVPRO answered a call to remediate a Pembroke Pines commercial mold damage in a breakroom of an office building. The employees noticed a musty odor and upon removing some ceiling tiles, located a pipe with a slow leak and actively growing mold colonies on the wood framing beams in the ceiling.

SERVPRO technicians contained the breakroom to inhibit any further spread of spores. We scoped the breakroom and located no other areas of excessive moisture or mold colonies other than the ceiling area. The office had the pipe repaired before our arrival, so the continued release of water was no longer happening. The acoustical, porous ceiling tiles showed signs of mold damage and could not be cleaned, so we discarded them with the permission of the property owner. We set up air movers to completely dry the mold colonies in the ceiling area. Once the humidity levels dropped to around forty percent, we moved on to the next step in the mold remediation process.

We have several methods for treating mold colonies; in this case, our technicians chose to use soda blasting to remove the mold from the wood. This method involves directing a stream of bicarbonate soda (also known as baking soda) at the dried mold colonies. Because it is a mild abrasive, it removes the mold without harming the surface of the wood underneath.

After blasting, SERVPRO technicians cleaned the area with handheld vacuums with HEPA filters to capture airborne spores and particulates and stop any further spreading. Then we wiped surfaces down with our powerful anti-fungal solutions to inhibit any redevelopment of mold in the future.

As soon as the discovery of a mold colony happens, remediation efforts should begin. Call SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines at (954) 998-0600; our certified experts are available 24/7 to make the issue "Like it never even happened."

Keeping Fire Damage off the Menu of Your Pembroke Pines Restaurant

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

Kitchen fires in restaurants occur each day. Call SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines to remediate the damage.

Failed Plumbing Can Leave Your Clothing Boutique in Urgent Need of Water Removal Services

Restaurants have all the crucial factors for fires to start. With their cumbersome cooking processes, heating equipment, deep fryers, electrical wiring, and flammable materials, the chances of a fire starting are high. According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking equipment causes about 61 percent of restaurant fires.  

A fire can result in the loss of customers, inventory, revenue and equipment like ice makers and drink machines. The commercial fire damage in your Pembroke Pines restaurant can get worse due to the presence of flammable elements like rubbish or clutter in the immediate area. The stored food may be destroyed or rendered unusable because of the infiltration of soot or smoke. After a fire, your restaurant may also get unfavorable reviews online. Once the fire is put out, you can restore your establishment to its pre-fire damage condition quickly by contacting the fire restoration professionals at SERVPRO.  

Here at SERVPRO, we know that a quick response prevents additional and further damage to a structure and its contents. Our priority is to get you back in business. When we arrive at a fire-damaged property, we first perform testing to determine where the smoke residues are situated. When we see the residues, we concentrate on the effects of the smoke on various items and the procedures that can be used to remove the smoke from the affected items.  

Sometimes, smoke residues on ceilings, walls and other surfaces are not noticeable. In these cases, testing enables us to verify that smoke residues are present by observing the contrast between the affected and unaffected areas. Our fire damage restoration services include removing soot and smoke from all surfaces, water removal, and drying if water is present, cleaning and sanitizing. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment like fogging devices and air scrubbing equipment to remove smoke and odors from affected areas. We also use air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.  

When dealing with fire damage in your restaurant, SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines is the right firm to contact. We can handle the damage to make it look “Like it never even happened.” Call us any time at (954) 998-0600 for prompt fire restoration services.

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SERVPRO Will Help You Get Back To Business In Pembroke Pines

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

Our certified technicians have the equipment to safely remove mold once and for all. Call us as soon as you discover mold, we are available 24//7.

Professional Mold Damage Remediation is a Must for Pembroke Pines Hotels

Your Pembroke Pines housekeeping staff might be the best in the business, but persistent microbial growth easily gets out of hand even when rooms and common areas receive top-notch cleaning. This is because mold growth is not necessarily associated with a lack of upkeep. Other factors contribute to mold infestations, and skilled remediation teams who specialize in responding to these factors have a much better chance of controlling a hotel mold outbreak.

Mold damage in your Pembroke Pines hotel starts with opportunistic mold spores that float and settle everywhere. As long as these tiny fungi “seeds” do not absorb water, they cause no real damage. When moisture lingers after a spill, a minor plumbing leak, or excessive humidity mold can grow. Only 24 to 48 hours of dampness provides the fuel spores need to multiply into ever-expanding colonies. When left unchecked, mold colonies can destroy organic building materials and reduce air quality. In susceptible individuals, allergic or sensitive to mold or its byproducts, mold growth can lead to irritation and concerns best addressed by a healthcare provider.

Ironically, as your housekeeping squad battles mold damage, their efforts often make things worse instead of better. Diluted bleach solutions and other cleaners do not penetrate deeply enough to get to all parts of a mold’s intertwining structure. They might lighten the mold’s stain, but the water in their formula feeds the mold, encouraging a rebound. SERVPRO approaches mold remediation differently, following the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols for Schools and Commercial Buildings.

Our project manager or crew lead looks for and helps arrange for the elimination of the water source first. Then the moldy area is contained. Our IICRC-trained technicians use physical barriers such as plastic sheeting, but also augment that with advanced technology like negative pressure air scrubbers that use HEPA filters to screen mold-contaminated air before exhausting it to the outdoors. An air scrubber also prevents drift of moldy materials to other areas of the hotel as we clean.

Mechanical removal of the mold with scrapers and brushes works on solid surfaces. SERVPRO also uses abrasive techniques like soda blasting to remove moldy residues from porous building materials in your hotel.

SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines has highly-qualified mold remediators backed by cutting edge equipment and techniques. Let us abate your hotel mold problem by starting with a call to (954) 998-0600.

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How Water Damage Professionals Restore Your Pembroke Pines Salon

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Franchise professionals are available to quickly restore your salon after water damage.

Debris Removal for Your Flooded Pembroke Pines Salon

After a flood, your Pembroke Pines salon might not be recognizable. With rising waters throughout the area, debris and contaminants can get brought into your building with the intruding water, leaving a muddy mess that rivals the pooling water throughout the main floor of your business. With this widespread damage, it is critical to contact a team of professionals equipped to help you quickly.

As devastating as flood damage can be in your Pembroke Pines salon, a rapid response from trained professionals can make a positive impact. With many businesses throughout the immediate area also experiencing similar flood effects, it is essential to reach out to our SERVPRO emergency response team as promptly as possible so that our technicians can get to work on mitigating your losses and removing hazardous debris from your business.

From the time that our team arrives at your business, we have to perform a risk assessment immediately to determine the level of hazard that our team could experience beginning work on your damaged property. Flooding from rising creeks, rivers, and streams gets considered as a high-risk situation for contamination, and our professionals on site have extensive safety training and ongoing education in the use of our personal protective equipment.

Debris removal is more than just taking out the objects and mess that the rising waters bring into your business. Our professionals know that preparing your building for the restoration and reconstruction it requires after widespread flooding requires assessment of the damage to structural elements and removing exposed materials when necessary. Essential structural components such as supports, beams, framing and other elements can often get preserved with focused disinfection if they do not become physically compromised.

Debris removal is a process that has to get started as quickly as possible following flood damages. The faster our technicians can get to work, the more effective our mitigation work can be in limiting your loss and out of pocket expenses. Give our SERVPRO of Pembroke Pines rapid response team a call anytime at (954) 998-0600.

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Don't Let Mold Damage Spoil Your Pembroke Pines Hotel Review

1/8/2019 (Permalink)

As a business owner, you rely on good reviews, and one bad review can hurt your business.

Getting Guests Out of Areas with Mold in a Pembroke Pines Hotel

As misguided as some information might be, mold and microbial growth exposure can cause potential health effects for guests staying in your Pembroke Pines hotel. With high humidity combined with continuously conditioned air within the hotel, the potential for moisture is always there. Lingering moisture in guest rooms or communal areas of the facility requires immediate attention for many reasons.

Among the chief reasons to seek immediate mold remediation in your Pembroke Pines hotel is the effect that a thriving organism like this might have on the reviews and ratings that your business acquires throughout its lifetime. As a business owner, you can appreciate that it does not often matter how glowing reviews can help because a single negative review can be enough to dissuade possible future guests from choosing your business.

Contacting our SERVPRO professionals immediately upon the discovery of mold can help to get our remediation technicians there quickly to contain the spread of the organism and set up the appropriate equipment and plan to remove this presence from the area. During this work, we aim to do all we can to allow you to continue to serve guests in other areas of the hotel far from the affected points, but this depends on the severity of the situation.

We can appreciate your need to get your hotel back to full capacity as promptly as possible, and that is why we have the advanced equipment we do to both dry out the moisture-ridden areas and to restore the affected surfaces and materials throughout the building. Both through the removal of overly damaged structural elements and our modern tactics for mold colony removal, we can rid the area of the current spreading mold growth and restore the damage the organism has caused.

When you are running a hotel, the word of your guests and their satisfaction is vital for the hospitality industry. Let our SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines remediation technicians help you to overcome any discovered mold in your building right away by calling (954) 998-0600.

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How SERVPRO Remediates Flood Damage in Your Pembroke Pines Bar

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO when storms cause your bars to flood.

A Tropical Storm Can Leave Your Pembroke Pines Bar in Need of Flood Drying Services

Tropical storms are known for sweeping heavy rain and intense winds into Florida, leaving many establishments in urgent need of flood drying services. While floods can seem like a pretty regular thing for people native to the state, they are still extremely dangerous, both when they sweep in and after they do their damage. The problem with floodwater is that it contains harmful substances, such as bacteria, waste, feces, animal remains, and fuel. Due to the nature of flooding, it is best to reach out for professional help as soon as possible, as they know how to remove the water from your business safely.  

Call SERVPRO as soon as you are aware of water damage in your Pembroke Pines bar. The faster that professionals get inside, the quicker they can deal with the water and minimize the damages. Once there, they begin to dry out the floor and bar, which has become quite waterlogged.  

SERVPRO sends a team of IICRC-certified technicians to your bar as quickly as possible after your initial phone call. We always make it a priority to get techs to your establishment on your schedule, as we understand how vital foot traffic is for your business. Once there, our technicians can begin to work right away because we understand that seconds count.  

Our SERVPRO technicians start by using wet/dry vacuums to remove the contaminated water from your establishment. For larger volumes of water, we use truck-mounted tools that can remove water at an accelerated rate. Once we remove the water, we clean up any debris and then sanitize the area thoroughly.  

To properly dry your bar and the wooden floor around it, SERVPRO uses drying mats, dehumidifiers, and air movers. Using these tools in conjunction allows us to create an environment that is ideal for drawing moisture out of the structure of your establishment. Once we remove the moisture, SERVPRO also uses a thermal fogger to combat any foul odors that the floodwaters brought into your bar and neutralize them.  

If a severe tropical storm leaves your establishment in urgent need of professional drying services, never hesitate in making the call. Phone SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines by dialing (954) 998-0600. Day or night, our doors are open.

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Pembroke Pines Motel Floating in Water?? SERVPRO Makes Your Guests and You Happy, Real Fast!!

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Removes Water from Your Pembroke Pines Motel without Disturbances--We Promise!!

A Need for Fast Water Damage Cleanup in Your Pembroke Pines Motel

As the proprietor of a Pembroke Pines motel, you see a lot of travelers and tourists moving in an out of town. Your goal is to provide these customers and guests with a quality experience that encourages them to leave you a positive rating and review online and bolster your business. That is why when a water loss incident occurs, even on a small scale, fast action is critical from certified and experienced technicians like our team.

Overcoming water damage in your Pembroke Pines motel might not seem like a pressing concern that your maintenance staff is unable to handle, but many neglect an understanding of how quickly water damage can spread and the specialized equipment required to ensure that all of the dampness and moisture gets removed from the affected area. Our SERVPRO technicians can appreciate your need for a fast response in situations like this, and that is why you can always reach our emergency response team 24/7.

Regardless of where the water damage exists or how it began, overcoming its effects needs to begin immediately. While it might not be problematic to close off a room or two for the time restoration takes to complete, the longer that the problem persists, the farther the reach of the damage becomes. Water can penetrate through flooring and into ceilings of rooms below the affected area, or into rooms that you have already allotted to guests.

Our SERVPRO technicians have the tools and expertise to help you dry up the affected area quickly to prevent secondary effects like mold growth. With the reputation of your motel at stake for mismanagement of cleanup efforts, you should allow our trusted emergency response team to handle this time-sensitive issue.

While you might have a staff of custodial employees and maintenance workers to resolve small issues that arise, water damage is nothing that you should leave to chance. Give our SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines rapid response team a call anytime you need us at (954) 998-0600.

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